Pilates Sessions is run by me, Abbie.

My initial interest in Pilates stemed from a desire to improve my posture and to better understand my body, in order to prevent back problems and other aches and pains in future. I could see that sitting at a computer for most of each day, in my marketing profession at the time, was having a detrimental effect on my posture; and so started practising Pilates.

Teaching Pilates was a natural progression for me to understand more about the method and develop my own ability further.  I am passionate about the benefits of Pilates and wanted to interact with clients to improve the way they move and therefore improve their physical health.

I chose to train with Body Control Pilates as they focus extensively on the construction of the body and how it moves naturally – this is ingrained in each teacher and the delivery of every exercise. Body Control Pilates have broken down the classical Pilates method, producing a range of levels for each exercise.  This means that Body Control Pilates is accessible to everyone and allows the individual to progress up the levels towards the classic exercises. Body Control Pilates also believe in the importance of knowing each client and delivering smaller classes which can be tailored to the individuals. As a Body Control teacher I monitor my clients, assist you when needed and help you to take ownership of your own development. As a member of the Body Control Pilates Association I must register a set amount of professional development hours each year – therefore I am continually developing my skills and knowledge, which further benefits my clients.

I am a qualified Level 3 studio equipment and matwork teacher, teaching on apparatus including the Reformer and Cadillac. I have previously been based and teaching in East Devon, I then moved to the South of France to further develop my skills while working in Pilates studios in both Monaco and Nice during 2014 and 2015. I am now back in Devon, based in Dartmouth, applying my skills to teaching both matwork Pilates and using studio equipment to teach 1to1 sessions in Dartmouth.